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MSME Sector has played a big role in fast, equitable & horizontal growth of Indian economy. However, recent substantial changes in the regulatory structure have caused many difficulties & burden on MSME Sector. Through this platform, we, as advisors, aim to provide effective solutions to overcome these challenges faced by this sector. 

We offer our expert, unique & innovative services to provide hassle free solutions to Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) & budding Entrepreneurs. We have a panel of professionals, viz., Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Administrators, Lawyers, Bankers, Ex-Services Men, Industry & HR Personnel to take care of the issues of entrepreneurs and guide in resolution of the same.The following are the services provided by us:  

  •    Compliance, 
  •    Policy Advisory,
  •    Funding,
  •    Business Development,
  •    Recovery and
  •    Training.

From our extensive practical experience & understanding of factors affecting nature of business, we classified our spectrum of critical support to secure definitive business Success under the following 5 headings:

1.    IDEA & Business Connect
2.    Regulatory & Compliance Solution  
3.    Financial & Funding Support
4.    Business & Procurement Solution
5.    Recovery Support
6.    Policy Advisory
7.    Training 

IDEA & Business Connect

IDEA is the Pivot around which growth, success & sustainability of a business revolves. 

We have established an in-house IDEA Incubation Centre “ISURE CUBE”,
a.    Constantly developing various IDEAs,
b.    Inviting people’s participation for continuous honing of IDEAs,
c.    Collecting IDEAs from all quarters &
d.    Compiling IDEAs in a pre-defined project List to be adopted and applied as live business projects.

Conceiving an IDEA is one thing & Connecting it to business for harnessing its synergy is another, which we have achieved an enviable degree of practical & scientific expertise.
We offer our incubation solutions, which is unique and tailor-made with an ideal mix of IDEA & Practicality, to,
a.    build a completely new business model, 
b.    strengthen and consolidate an existing business &
c.    help secure the above by facilitating every possible care right from Establishing to Financing to Marketing to securing Recovery of dues etc.

Regulatory & Compliance Solutions:

Regulatory compliance is the most significant part of the process for Businesses. It is now regarded as the single-most dominant proportion of the total Business Risk.

Organizational interest is best served by securing fool-proof compliance of all applicable Laws and Regulations through timely and just documentation & adherence to filings and returns etc.

We offer customised legal solutions to enhance your business eco-systems and insulate it from regulatory-risks and policy-gaps for hassle free and unhindered business growth.

Financial Solutions:

Finance plays a significant role in the organizational existence, growth & sustainability.

Business foundations are built and consolidated on just, pragmatic & informed Financial Management of the organization. No wonder, for the aforesaid reason, Organization’s credentials rest & get evaluated on its various financial parameters strength.

We offer complete & total end-to-end Financial solutions to deal with any level & kinds of Finance need of the Business besides providing a tailor-made unique solutions to guide it to connect and secure external financial institutional funding at a just & reasonable cost. 

Operational Solutions:

Good business without just operational management frame work, face many hurdles which leads to disorientation increase in expenses and loses.

We offer solutions by doing deep stick analysis of the operational approach to develop and implement ideal business framework to succeed by reducing expenses and increasing revenue stream.

Policy Advisory:

Businesses are governed by various policies associated to its stream and nature and it is important to understand those policy frame work for appropriate implementation, not only to protect the business interest but also to take advantage of those policies by just utilization suited to your business environment.

We offer policy advisory services for your organization to implement appropriate policies in your business process for advantage.


Isure seeks to achieve augmented entrepreneurship through entrepreneurship orientation & grooming new-age entrepreneurs from scratch keeping in view practical problem. It is continuously striving to bring about its own in-house designed entrepreneurship skill manual & entrepreneurship curriculum & programs for resuscitating all round and wholesome ease of doing business at all levels and spheres concerned with entrepreneurs. It has developed a handy checklist for securing entrepreneurial success. Its entrepreneurship curriculum for training purposes through universities, colleges, institutions will produce new-age risk-mitigating young & budding entrepreneurs.

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