Idea & Business Connect

IDEA is the Pivot around which growth, success & sustainability of a business revolves. 

We have established an in-house IDEA Incubation Centre “ISURE CUBE”,

  1. Constantly developing various IDEAs,
  2. Inviting people’s participation for continuous honing of IDEAs,
  3. Collecting IDEAs from all quarters &
  4. Compiling IDEAs in a pre-defined project List to be adopted and applied as live business projects.

Conceiving an IDEA is one thing & Connecting it to business for harnessing its synergy is another, which we have achieved an enviable degree of practical & scientific expertise.
We offer our incubation solutions, which is unique and tailor-made with an ideal mix of IDEA & Practicality, to,

  1. build a completely new business model, 
  2. strengthen and consolidate an existing business &
  3. help secure the above by facilitating every possible care right from Establishing to Financing to Marketing to securing Recovery of dues etc.
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